Friday, September 9, 2011

Walks the man in the bar.

Walks the man in the bar. Rips a shotgun the bartender under from the bar. Shouted, serve your kind in here we don't the bartender. Asks not why he. Read didn't you the sign? Serves we don't strings. Am but I a frayed knot.

You wouldn't speak like this, so why would you tag your dialog this way?

I close will a book when find I an author in with a mind the nineteenth century.

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Editing novel number nineteen!


  1. Was it something in particular that brought this to mind, or just one straw?

  2. I'm reading an otherwise entertaining, self-published police procedural...which I will blog about without naming the novel.

    I've read V-N tags in top sellers too, but I just can't understand what drives ANY author to use the construction.

    I mean, just read it.

    said he.

    Doesn't that LOOK stoopid?

    I know, I'm anal, and prone to ranting.

    I have also been reading a lot of self-published writers lately, and I find heavy tags and V-N constructions in these often...enough to make me want to scream.

    Calm down, Mac. Calm down.


  3. That would make for some very tiring reading. :-(

  4. I personally want my tags to disappear, not stand out.

  5. LOL. Sounds like Yoda telling the story.

  6. I agree with the Yoda comment; holy cow! What are they thinking?