Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Not All Dogs Love to Swim

Lucy proved this AM having four paws doesn't ensure a love for swimming. Walking in to her chest--fine. Going in over her head--not so much.

I also learned you don't get a ninety-pound, paniced Rottweiler to do what you want them to do.

She stepped into the river like she often does. But our walk today coincided with high tide. Oops.

Have to admit it was funny watching my other two looking down at her four feet below, like, "What are you doing, fool?"

I didn't like so much climbing into the river to lift her over the seawall.

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  1. One of mine didn't like it either. Fortunately, we were on a beach and she trotted back to the car. :)

  2. Well, I'm with Lucy. You can get me in to my knees, maybe a little higher, but I won't go in all the way either. Too many "things" in the water. And fish pee in there . Uck.

  3. :D

    And fifteen seconds after hauling her out (I didn’t even have my socks back on) she was wading in the park’s creak.

  4. Good to know that even a Rottweiler has his comfort zone.

  5. Love the fact she was back in water straight after :-)

  6. What fun, Mac. Not so much for you, but for the dogs. Your story reminded me of when I used to take two little dogs to the park and they would jump in the creek. Mind you, one of those dogs was hardly big enough to be considered a dog, but she did love the water. Chest-high or over her head, she didn't care. She would jump right in and swim.

  7. My Labrador, if you can believe it, use to hate the water. The only way I could get her in the water at the beach was to throw her tennis ball in.

    Since watching how much my Rottie likes the water, she's actually getting to where she'll go in chest deep.