Monday, September 12, 2011

Did I Miss Any Beta Readers?

Hi. I sent out my new MS, WARLOCK APPRENTICE, to my beta list this morning.

Did I miss anyone?

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Letting novel number nineteen decant!

Reeling from his mother's death, father's desertion, missing his sisters, Paul has stewed long enough in the high peaks lair of the ogre dragon rider. The sixteen-year-old challenges the dangerous mountain to escape and search for his father, discovers northerners don't embrace strangers. It's a shock to learn ogres, trolls, orcs and dragons aren't the beasts he's been taught to fear. It may be his own kind—humans—present true danger.

The hamlet residents nurse Paul from near-death after his northern ordeal and offer him a home, as they already have his sisters. The local warlock, a healer, claims Paul can reach the ethereal. That's a surprise to Paul, but it explains the strange sensations he's been experiencing, the visions and emotions he senses, like those from the exhausted donkey. The warlock offers to apprentice him, but Paul hasn't even made it to the ogre's stake when a new life-threat emerges. The warlock is more than he knew, as is Paul, and the wizard council isn't ready to have more of their kind wielding the majic of the ethereal, especially an ogre and commoner from the Range.

The two join a wizard with his own problems with the council. They're drawn into a northern intrigue to murder the Black Lake dragons. The ancient queen dragon tells them they're fated to put down the plot. If they don't, the world faces genocide. Paul and Morgan flee a council death sentence, rogue wizards who hold Morgan's sweetheart hostage, a wizard conspiracy, and fickle dragons tempted to snack on them. Paul's majic must mature quickly if he's to survive.

WARLOCK APPRENTICE is my fourth novel in the BLACK LAKE series, and my nineteenth completed manuscript. I'm a full-time writer of lighter, speculative fiction, where the characters and relationships intrigue as richly as the atmosphere and plot.

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