Wednesday, August 31, 2011

You Ever Read Something You Wrote and Go...Hmmm.

Four days his imagination twisted over his own demise, and the badness of it had swelled in his mind. He didn't think he'd ever experienced dread before. Fear, on more occasions than he wished to ponder, especially recently. But dread, though not as sharp, ate away at the stomach, and confidence.

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Editing novel number nineteen!


  1. LOL Did you write this? Cuz I'm definately going hmmmm....

  2. Sometimes, I write something and think, "Whoa! I did NOT know I was that brilliant." But most of the time I write something and say "Hmmmmm...what the?"

    Oh, revision. How I despise thee.

  3. I actually like revision - the first to third times. Then its like, okay already, why don't you see my brilliance :)