Friday, August 5, 2011

Publisher Believes Self-Publishing is a Bad Business Decision

The industry is in denial. They still think of themselves as king makers. Perhaps touched by the gods to show simple man how they should behave.

Yep. The self-published author will be lost in a sea of manuscripts. Hmm. The industry prints sixty-thousand books a year now, right?

I doubt it will get any worse. I think it just cuts a middle-man out of the picture.

Not to imply I wouldn't love to get picked up by a traditional publisher.

That is in fact what I'm working toward. But "management" always thinks they are holier than thou. I'm from IT. Management didn't mind pink slipping peons. 1992 came around and now we are in a triple dip, and directors and vice presidents have also been shown the front door.

I know, I digress.

But just as the frenzy of capital projects died in my previous industry, the publishing industry is at its own precipice. And they don't seem to get it.

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  1. Interesting take. My own company has far too many executives.

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  3. I wish I could see where this is going. (Not psychic.) But I think the traditional publishers better re-think their strategies. I'm seeing more traditionally published authors who are self-pubbing now. (I don't mean me.) I mean the kind who made a living and are deciding that they want the bigger cut. Interesting. Interesting. Interesting.

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