Monday, August 1, 2011

C.L. Bevill—Veiled Eyes

[I tag my blogs as "reviews" but they aren't. They are critiques. I confess…I mean, admit to my false advertising. Thus as a writer, I point out elements that wouldn't even bother a casual reader.]

The biggest complaint I have with Veiled Eyes is the cover Bevill chose. Way too subtle for me, to being outright meaningless. It did not provoke me to read this novel, and that would have been a loss on my part. This was good reading.

As with all of Bevill's protagonists, Anna is a unique, richly hued character who is easy to empathize with, one I wish to follow to the end. I enjoyed living in her head.

Bevill writes from multiple points of view, and while that doesn't bother many readers, it irks this writer. I feel it divides my attention, pulls me away from the character. I find it cheating, in a way too. [I espouse my personal prejudice here.] It takes much more effort to get a story painted from a single point of view, but when it is done that way, the reader remains more focused, "into" the protagonist. And in the case of Veiled, we must experience the same action over-and-over again, from the other characters' point of view. In my opinion, that wastes my time. I already lived it once. I don't need it again.

All of the characters of Veiled are unique. The action takes quirky turns. The plot, rich with imagination, intrigued to keep me reading, even though this writer would have loved to have beta'd the novel, and screamed, "No! Don't resolve the mine predicament like that."

Download Veiled Eyes and enjoy!

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