Wednesday, August 10, 2011

C.L. Bevill--Bubba and the 12 Deadly Days of Christmas

This is my seventh Bevill read and I'm in no way growing tired of the writer's imagination and wit. I'm glad there are several more novels to go.

I feel guilty that I'm stingy with the five stars. Fifteen of sixteen reviews on Amazon give Bubba and the 12 Deadly Days of Christmas five stars. I may be incapable of letting that many stars out of my pocket. I doubt I would have given my two favorite novels of all time five stars (Children of Dune, The White Dragon).

So what makes a story great? In Dune it was the setting and aura of magic. In White Dragon for me it was all about the fantasy of living my life with Ruth. I guess if I had to generalize Christmas, it would be Bevill's choice of idiom. I love Bevill in the same way I love Evanovich. The story is always so quixotic it allows me to float with the un-ending flow of humor. And besides, the family baggage is so close to home, it's a release to be able to laugh at someone else's kin.

This was the best edited Bevill novel I've read, the most consistent point of view, and each scene flowed excellently to the next. I'm happy Bevill brought Bubba and Willodean closer, madder than hell how she left us hanging. Arghhh!! Funny she didn't give us another feme fatale for Bubba to goggle at, biding to supplant the lovely, green-eyed Willodean.

Last word—rush out and buy 12 Deadly Days of Christmas.

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