Thursday, August 18, 2011

Beta Readers for Warlock Apprentice

I saw Claire Farrell's blog-call for beta readers. What a great idea. I just typed "The End" on Warlock Apprentice, and I'm going to be a copycat.

Anyone who doesn't get enough of me in my blog, and would be willing to beta, let me know.

(As Claire stated, I wouldn't expect you to do anything with my MS you wouldn't want someone doing with yours.)

I'll be working on an overview to post on my homepage in a couple days.

Hope to build some new relationships. And of course, I will tat-for-tat beta. I read 2-3 novels every week.

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Editing novel number nineteen!


  1. 2-3 novels a week? Seriously? Wow!

    I'm a pretty slow reader myself; especially when I'm reading to critique or review. I've just started a beta read with a requested critique so it will be two or three weeks before I'd be willing to read something else. Your website intrigues me though. Lots of exciting genre's that I love to read in.

    Are any of those published? I've had a nice evening browsing your sites. Thanks Mac.


  2. Hi Donna

    I've been steadfast (or is that stubborn) in waiting for traditional publishing...I figure if I can't sell a single person (that is, an agent), my craft isn't yet up to it.

    But, since I'm finding a lot of fun reading in the self-published corridors, my impression of that segment has risen, so I've decided to publish something soon in the Kindle market. I'm thinking of SEEKER, and the REVENIR series. I would love to get my BLACK LAKE series traditionally published. I love these characters so much.

    Anyway, 2-3 weeks to beta works for me. I'm in this for the long haul, and actually, you can pick any of my works that piques your interest. No feedback will be wasted.

    I'll drop you a note in a few to see where you stand (euphemism for harass you).

    Again, thanks for dropping by.

    Regards, Mac

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  4. I replied to you on my blog and forgot all about commenting here too.

    I haven't beta read before, but if you need an extra pair of eyes, I am willing to lend a hand.

  5. Hi there, thanks so much for visiting my Blog. I appreciate the support very much. And Yes, I'll definitely post updates on my self publishing journey. I love you blog, by the way.

  6. Feel free to "harass" me Mac. Sometimes I get distracted and forget where I've been, who I've talked to. But your writing has absolutely intrigued me.

    And, you never know what will interest an agent/editor now days.

    Have a good weekend :)


  7. Hi Donna

    "Intrigued." Wow. That's better than two giggles, which is worth six smiles.

    Thanks for that.

    As APPRENTICE polishes in the next week or so, I'll be sending you a copy...and feel free, if any of my others look like something you would like to read, I LOVE feedback.

    -- Mac

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