Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sampling Authors via ePublished Works

One of the side benefits I've found since buying my tablet, is the number of emerging authors I've been able to sample (for free…that's a big deal for me, 'cause I'm really cheap.)

I discovered C.L. Bevill,  and J.C. Phelps for example. Now I've learned of Claire Farrell through her novella, Thirst.

I write about vampires, sorta, though I call mine revenirs. More a cross between immortals and shape shifters, but they got them fangs. Yeah baby! And since I've written about an autistic savant, lean toward the OCD personality myself, there's a double whammy in favor of Farrell's protagonist. So it was written in stone I would love Farrell's protag, Ava Delaney.

But dang, I was upset when Thirst concluded. I guess I'll have to buy Taunt to get more of Ava.

While I enjoyed the innocent Ava the most, I can see why Farrell had to mature her, give her an edge going forward. But she better keep her counting going. One jeer is Thirst's cover. It implied some erotica harem thing going on, so almost didn't try it. Go figure it's about a carrot top with freckles, in Ireland.

Speaking of Ireland, I dinged Farrell in one area, setting, because I didn't know Ava lived in Ireland until the prologue. What was with that? The whole cityscape she drew never came alive for me. But Thirst was all about the enduring protagonist, for me.

Go download Thirst today, if you haven't yet.

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