Monday, July 25, 2011

Learning from Another Author

Arthur Slade—Drauger (2011)
As a writer, I'm glad I have an excuse to read outside my genre, to learn from my fellow writers. In this case, it's MG fantasy. Even more fun than YA fantasy, because I have even more excuse to suspend my disbelief. And how wonderful is that?
If you want an excuse to read outside your genre, Drauger is a good one to go for. Not being a regular MG reader, I'm sure I didn't appreciate his writing as you might. But this was still a solid novel even by me.
I believe I could apply one writing rule if I edited Drauger: Limit thy characters. The more characters you have the more your reader has to keep in her head. It limits the available empathy available for the protagonist. I would have stricken the cousin. That's just me.
And I'll suggest a rule the experts SHOULD list: Deign never hurt a canine. This should be the eleventh commandment. If you've ever viewed my blog page outside of a reader, you know I love dogs. Sorry Mr. Slade, but I can't forgive you for that.
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