Thursday, July 14, 2011

In the Belly of Jonah: A Liv Bergen Mystery—Sandra Brannan (2010)

If you didn't download this when it was marked at $0.00, nanny nanny poo poo. But hurry out there and snatch her second novel. It is still free. I mean FREE. How can you go wrong! I'm eager to read Sodom. 

Okay, you may think I'm not rating Johah very high. I mean, look, a lot of three stars over there. But I am one heck of a tough person to please. As a writer bleeding to get published, I read every novel word for word, and analyze the beegees out of every paragraph to learn what I can from the author. And I like my plots to look a lot more like "B"—than what Jonah looks like "A"—how I would depict Jonah.

I enjoyed Brannan's voice. Enjoyed her character. Would have liked to have "seen" a little more of what Liv looked like. So she is big boned. Wouldn't have minded a little more sexual edge in the overall novel. (I like sex with my violence.) I liked she played collegiate basketball, so I knew she had a pair, and I liked that was evened out with her lack of self esteem and motion sickness. So she is far from perfect. A real person you could love, and want to cuddle with.

On Brannan's craft, good voice and clean writing, but I don't like head jumping. I think this would have been a much stronger novel if we never saw the antagonist's life. I didn't care about him. I cared about Liv. Didn't want to know his life story. I certainly didn't need to be inside the mind of the two other supporting characters. The action was centered around Liv, and it should have been completely, in MHO, told from her point of view.

But still a good read.

Go read Jonah, and snatch Sodom while it is still free.

Working on novel number nineteen!


  1. hmmm...there was supposed to be a link on the image. Dang

  2. Nice review.

    I liked In the Belly of Jonah and started to read Lots Return to Sodom but I got distracted and haven't gone too far in.

    Sandra Brannan is from my area and she writes about familiar places to me, especially in the opening of Lots Return.

    I really should finish it. :-)

  3. Thanks, JC.

    Since getting my tablet, I'm getting so much more reading in (in the same amount of time--it flies by). It'll be hard to go back to my waiting stack of dead-tree-books I have filling my book case. But that'll be a while. I think I've downloaded over 600 books. My finger gets tired scrolling through the list.

    Get to reading the sequel. We can compare notes.

    I should finish Evanovich's Sixteen this weekend, and I'll shift to Sodom.

  4. I haven't picked up a dead tree book since I got my Kindle two years ago, and I really don't have intentions of doing so. I can find plenty of reading material that's compatible with the Kindle.

    I will get on reading Lot's Return to Sodom. Hopefully I'll have finished it by the time you do. :-)