Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bite Me—Parker Blue (2008)

This marvelous, character driven novel is a testament to the failure of categories. Okay, yeah, it's a paranormal. It's humorous. But does it have to be tagged young adult? Oh my. This fifty-something enjoyed the heck out of it, reading it in two sittings (I got interrupted). Can't wait to read more from Parker Blue.

Blue teases you with sensuality. The long arching plot lulls you into simply sitting back and enjoying the protagonist's personal-life-conundrums.

Have I mentioned I like snarky characters? What's not to like about a smart-talking hellhound that looks like Benji? I write about good-guy vamps, so Blue had me at the get-go. And who can't dream of real-life sucubi? Yeowi.

If you failed to pick BITE ME when it was marked down, your loss, but get out there and enjoy a few hours of reading with Blue.

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