Thursday, June 23, 2011

Site Feedback, Anyone?

Hey Yall!
I maintain my own, very informal, free Roadrunner web site. It has no whiz-bang or flash, but I've been updating it the last few weeks to standardize the links, improve the look of the blurbs for each novel, and have added missing excerpts.

If you have a moment to give it a quick visit, let me know what you think? I'd appreciate any and all feedback.
(I already know it doesn't display correctly in Chrome, and I have no idea why. So if it looks broken in a browser other than IE, I've decided not to worry about it.)

Working on novel number nineteen!


  1. It looks good, except the picture on your bio covers up some of the words. I'm using Firefox, so maybe that's why. Nice job.

  2. Thanks, Angie--Does the same thing with Chrome. I'll try making it a squish smaller and see if that does it. Thanks for perusing. -- Mac