Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Fourth Self-Published Read

I'm three-quarters through my fourth self-published novel, and I see a strict trend, one that isn't too unexpected, but which should be avoidable.

Every day I come nearer the decision to self-e-publish, but I don't want others to find the myriad examples of poor editing in my writing as I've found in these.

I'm convinced a single beta reader would have caught a lot of the errors I'm finding. I'm not expecting to make boo coos of money self-publishing, so I'm not interested in spending much for editing.

The first self-published novel I read of a peer's, he admitted to spending less than four-hundred bucks on his editing. I told him, "I could tell." He had good bones, but the fleshing out left wants. A good editor doesn't come cheap.
It's a given writers struggle to see their own errors, even if they are otherwise excellent editors. I believe I am an extraordinary editor but admit my wife can find plenty of typos in a piece of mine I've edited five times.
With so many of us writers, why aren't we leveraging each other's skill?

If you're a novelist interested in tit-for-tat editing, give me an e-mail. (I write lighter SF/F/Paranormal.) Maybe we can help each other publish better novels.

Working on novel number nineteen!


  1. Have you asked Stephen Tremp (breakthrough blogs) about his copy editor? Apparently he has a great one.

  2. Ah, no. I'll make note and reach out to him soon. -- Thanks.

  3. May I suggest also that you contact local English teachers if you cannot find authors that suit you?
    I'm not currently doing this, so this is not a plug for myself. But I have two colleagues who charge $60.00 for a full-length ms. And English teachers generally are very good at editing and proofreading.
    Just a suggestion for you.
    Good luck.