Monday, June 6, 2011

Mac Rants About Plot and Structure

Plot is about context and balance. I love Janet Evanovich. But I don't read Janet because of her plots. It's her characters, humor, twist of words, and ridiculous situations which enable me to plow through her novels in one sitting. But if a novel is propped up to be "realistic," and premise after premise is simply plain stupid, then all the great characters and use of language isn't going to make it a good read.

The writer must keep all of the elements of fiction in mind, balance their needs to the genre, mood and voice. The realism of plot must fit a drama, while it may take a back seat in slapstick and light paranormal.

It doesn't bother me at all if Evanovich is all over the place. But if Sandra Brown's characters or plot wander, I close the book and find another.

Characters, scenes, dialogue and description don't all have to be exquisite, as long as on balance, there is enough there to carry the reader from plot point to plot point.

So I rant, you pansters out there, take care your plot and structure has purpose.


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  1. At the convention I was at last weekend, Tracy Hickman said, "Story is structure." So very true. If any of those essential elements is missing, it just isn't going to work.