Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bubba and the Dead Woman – C.L. Bevill (2010)

This self-published story reminded me of my seventh grade reading of Twain and O.Henry, which significantly influenced my becoming a life-long reader. Ms. Bevill represents those authors who should be making a living in the traditional publishing industry, if story mattered more than a name.
Bevill's voice and characterization was charming and amusing. However, I'm from Texas. Texans don't consider themselves "Southern." They are Texans and dang proud of it. So all the southern and civil war references were…I don't wish to be rude. I'm a polite Texan. Ms. Bevill would have been wise to set this story outside Atlanta, not Dallas.
Bigger Picture/Mac's Ranting
Dead Woman is the kind of story that should be on store book shelves. If the industry wasn't so skewed to living off cash cows (previously published authors, regardless of the quality of their latest work) Ms. Bevill would have gone through the professional edit process, and this piece would have been clean of the many errors strewn within its pages, which frequently induced me to close the book. As with many early works where the unpolished author gets in a hurry to tie things up, the back-end of the novel was lacking in the earlier voice and detail, and fell into a drudging narration. Alas, if this had received the appropriate editing, it could be a classic for every library.
This work epitomizes why I haven't personally self-published yet. I want my best to hit the market, and without trained professionals supporting an author for editing, cover design and the myriad of skill-sets that go with the publishing business, despite a good story, the rough edges leave a poor impression.


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