Wednesday, June 8, 2011

After a Week with my Cruz Tablet

I upgraded to Android 2.2 the other day, and all of the glitchiness I first experienced with my tablet has gone away. The device exceeds all of my expectations, and the reading experience is far more enjoyable--more than holding a clunky book and turning pages. One tap on the margin, and I am instantaneously on the next page.

It is nice not to have to worry about the level of light cast over my shoulder. Amazing how comfortable it is, modifying the intensity from the Cruz based on my ambient lighting. The brighter the room, the dimmer the room, I simply match the display, and it is so much more comfortable for my old eyes.

I could recommend only one improvement: The tablet automatically adjust to the ambient lighting. Oh. That would be perfect.

Working on novel number nineteen!


  1. That would be cool if the tablet could adjust to lighting. Now I want one.

  2. Be sure you upgrade the operating system/firmware/Android before you do ANY customizing at ALL.

  3. does it read all book formats?

  4. I'm only using the Android Kindle app, but I've seen advertisments for the Kobo and Nook apps.