Friday, May 13, 2011

The Story Element Rack


  1. Haven't seen one of these since the late 90's. Nice job.

  2. As much as I am attracted to “graphics”, I am reminded that making graphics implies a degree of responsibility in the art of making them. For example, color has certain innate meanings, size, larger or smaller, is obvious, and shape implies something else yet again.

    In this graphic every element is the same, except if it is interpreted as a hierarchy, then “Action” would be most important. Understanding it’s a “rack”, then “Action” is the front ball, implying singular significance again, which, of course, in writing it isn’t the case most of the time.

    If none of the individual balls or circles have more significance than another, that all are relatively equal in importance, the graphic needs to be questioned again. Most successful stories are weighted or are heavy in some component(s) more that others, based on the nature of the story, POV, and a multitude of other factors, many of which you’ve identified here. I would wager in your own writing, story to story, the significance or relative importance of any one given factor varies. In short, while all these components should be addressed in any given story, some will naturally be more significant than others.

    I don’t mean to put too much of a fine point on this, but the graphics have been popping up for sometime now. They’re eye-catching, but they do carry a visual story that shouldn’t be ignored.

  3. LOL...take another look and you might even notice they are alphabetized

  4. Very interesting. I'm not quite sure I agree with hierarchy, with action at the top and therefore, to my mind, the least important. But I suppose it depends how you're defining action. Still, great visual aid! Thanks for sharing.