Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Verb-Noun Tags

You would never say, "Going I'm to the store. Need I coffee and bread." Even Yoda would know better. So why do I come across so many writers that think it is cool to use, "said she"? It blows my mind. If you're writing for a five year old, cool. Go for it. But if you want your tag to disappear, as most of us do, don't do that!

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  1. Time for writers to realize we no long get paid by the word like Dickens who used ten words where two would do.

  2. Guilty! I've used this tag before. However, I don't over do it. I guess I used it to vary the rhythm of the dialogue and avoid repetition, that's all. Not trying to be "different or cool," just trying to make it work in my dialogue.

  3. Never seen it done, but I can see how it would make you look back and say "What?"