Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Stuart Woods—DEAD IN THE WATER (1997)

I love Stuart Woods, however this wasn't his best work. Same clean writing, and nice interaction between characters, a little sexier than other works I've read of Woods. What bothered me most was very subtle, and I'm not sure if I can leverage it to improve my own writing, because I don't know if I could recognize it in my own work—but I felt manipulated to feel a particular way for a character. I think my lesson: show, but don't press the reader to feel by engineering an emotion in my character. If the reader doesn't believe the character would really feel that way, you've sabotaged your story. Secondly I felt intentionally misled. Good rule, never lead your reader in the wrong way just to manage that twist in the end. Thirdly, the plot just wasn't as plausible as it needed to be.

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