Friday, January 21, 2011


I read my first by Barbara Wood, and can't say I'll search her out in the future. That would be more because of the genre than the writing. I don't embrace literary writing, and like a little more action with my sex, in general. (I must be a man.) I almost closed BLESSING in the first chapter. It was a prologue with no characters, literally.

As a prologue suggests, it was all backstory… pre story. If I hadn't closed the last three novels I tried to read, I would have closed BLESSING. After twenty pages or so I'll admit the story caught on, and I stuck with it, all 450 pp.

BLESSING is an anthology, and represented why anthologies are hard to sell. Every seventy pages you had to get a grip of a whole new set of characters and setting. But each read fairly well. I had one serious gripe. The omniscient voice about gagged me at times.

What thrills me about BLESSING: it gives me hope I may someday sell my own fantasy anthology BLACK LAKE.

If you enjoy the omniscient voice, a literary style, and don't mind a new story every seventy pages or so…I think you would like this piece.

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  1. The omniscient "they" say that it's easier to sell anthologies after you build a readership with novels. So, good luck with getting many published novels that you've written.