Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I Over-Critique—I Hate Myself

I know it, but I can't control my compulsiveness. I recognize every writer has their own voice, and their words must sound like they wrote it. I'm really not trying to change their voice, I swear, but I know it comes across that way.

I'm compelled to reiterate my defense. I note the thoughts I have as I read. I explain in more detail than I would like, only because I've found if I don't, my thoughts are dismissed off-hand because the author doesn't understand "nonseq" means the two abutting sentences don't fit together and why.

It is maddening to me to express one passage is overwritten, while two sentences later I'm complaining there needs to be a tidbit of detail to anchor the reader in the scene.

I hate critiquing. It makes me feel so anal. But I love that my partners turn around and give it right back to me. I'm a sadist. I love every remark. You can't dump on me enough.

Write Every Day!


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