Friday, December 10, 2010


Rachel Hawkins (2010)

As a 53YO man, you can imagine I don't read many YA, though I've read the first of each of the Harry Potter and Twilight's, so ploughing into the last third of HEX HALL I was preparing to rave to you, how Hawkins surpassed Rowling and Meyer in storytelling, without bogging you down for six-hundred pages.

Then I found the main reason I read these days, my learning experience. Hawkins reinforced that a writer must stay consistent in her voice and timbre throughout a piece. HEX turned from a lovable read into a darker, Jim-Butcher-esk thriller.

As a reader I was disappointed in the change. I still enjoyed the greens on the back four holes. Hawkins is an excellent writer. Her characters are rich and intriguing. I look forward to a sequel, but I hope she maintains the same voice throughout.

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