Friday, November 26, 2010

Robert B. Parker—SHRINK RAP (2002)

Learning from the Best

Continuing my quest of enlightenment, I must first say Sunny Randall is my favorite Parker character yet.

Shrink reiterates what I've already been picking up from Parker. A good novel doesn't have to be about the central story. All that advice I've read in style books and agent blogs isn't necessarily hooey, but Parker shows over and over again that the characters, their lives, and their environment are the key to ensuring a good read. Of course you can't forget the plot. But I've learned so much about the importance of personality, quirks, side-interests, the gritty detail of emotion, needs and wants, and the physical hurdles and beauty the characters find around them.

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  1. I like your rating system, and think I agree with you on character building.

    While I don't want to be bored, I find its the characters that intrigue me more than the plot.