Monday, November 15, 2010

Jim Butcher – SMALL FAVOR (2008)

Learning from Bestsellers

As I read SMALL FAVOR, I came across a lot of scenes I could imagine an editor recommending to cut because they didn't "further the immediate plot." That would have been a shame. There are three unique stories lingering in FAVOR, and they enrich the dynamics of the characters and setting, and pump up the overall excitement level of the novel.

Just as there are scenes that could have been culled, there is detail out the wazoo that didn't have to be there. Guess what. The reason I read fantasy is to feel inside a different world. Jim's detail provided that. So there goes another general rule I'm glad FAVOR broke. And I don't buy that detail is simply needed in Fantasy. It's a tool a writer can either use well, or muddle his narration with.

A third rule I'm glad Jim ignores, is limiting characters. Without Jim's voice, all of the antagonists could have weighed down FAVOR. Instead, every chapter led the reader to a new experience. Kudos.

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