Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I Get More From Critiquing. . .

I find it amazing what I learn from editing someone else's work.

I can see their…er… shortfalls… more easily than I can see my own. Yet when I turn to my own work, all the comments I made on my partner's piece smacks me side the head like a t-ball bat. Ouch!

I wrote a recommendation today to my partner, that during an edit pass, to consider how every passage could be made more visceral, live, less telling, and more in the character's point of view. I went to my own work, and bam.

If you aren't spending at least thirty percent of your time editing someone else's work, I highly recommend it. The effort is extremely revealing, worth the effort.

Write Every Day!


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  1. You aren't the only one. In one of my critique groups, we recently spent a half-hour complaining because we could see a mistake when we were critiquing, but not when we were writing.