Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Read Out load—Even Better, Record It

I've followed the advice for years of reading my work out loud. You benefit from the perception of your eyes, your mouth as you wrap it around your words, and the sound as you orate your work.

Take it a step further. Record it and play it back. Listen to your recorded words alone. Listen to your words as you read the piece. You'll be amazed at the nuances of meaning and tone you pick up, which you never contemplated before. (It's the next best thing to listening to someone else read your work.)

Don't have a mic for your computer? It's worth the nineteen bucks.

This works great on those tough-to-nail scenes, your query letter, and synopsis.

Write Every Day!

Regards, Mac


  1. Great advice! Also if your computer as the "speak" option, which most word programs do, having your computer read your novel aloud is really helpful. Sometimes you miss things because you know what it's supposed to sound like, but when a robot read it you'll find a thousand more typos and the clunky sentences will really clang.

  2. I don't generally read out loud these days, just because I get so hoarse. But I'm a big proponent of having your computer read it back to you. I use Adobe Reader's Read Out Loud Feature several times for every story.

  3. Great points. I think the best element of the robot voice is it is slower than your own...slowing down is good. The clunky sound makes you tune in too. But nothing beats hearing your own voice. :O)