Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pristine Dialogue

You must NOT cram two thoughts that have no logical connection into the same sentence.
For the same reason: NEVER cram dialogue, direction, narrative or exposition into the same paragraph that isn't logically tied together.
  • Keep your dialogue pristine.
  • Dialogue is the temple of your prose.
  • Separate into two paragraphs any dialogue of two different characters.
  • Separate dialogue and direction of different characters.
  • Separate any narrative/exposition that isn't specifically and tightly connected to dialogue.
  • Don't bury subsequent dialogue at the end of a long passage of exposition. Put the exposition in a paragraph of its own.
  • Do not bury your dialogue (after narrative/exposition).
  • Dialogue is your bullet. It is made impotent by your flack jacket of narrative.
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Regards, Mac

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