Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I've Been Asked about Molly. . .

Her chemo was pushed out a week, but she is feeling well, and not the least self conscious about being one-and-a-half-eared. Thanks to everyone who's asked about her.

Write Every Day!

Regards, Mac


  1. She looks good to me.

    PS Don't be alarmed if she seems to get very hot after chemo.

    We were below freezing one January morning, and my poor little 'chemo girl' insisted on sleeping outside because she was so hot.

    It scared me to death at the time, but apparently it's normal.

  2. Jerry Krishart9/15/10, 4:44 PM

    Mac, I hope all goes well. They become part of the family (sometimes even closer than some family members - at least in my case!!!!!!!!!)