Friday, August 6, 2010

The Worst Critique—May be the Best Critique

Praise and kudos doesn't make me a better writer.

I want honest feedback. Critiquing isn't about editing. It's about the reader sharing her experience in the writer's world.

Tact helps.

There are styles and content that rub every reader the wrong way. Recognizing when you've met that reader is tough. I certainly don't want to think anything I write stinks. We can't write for every audience. But the truth exists. Passages fail. Chapters. Entire plots.

Picking and choosing which nits are "valid" for a piece drives me nuts.

It's an imperfect process.

Critiques will hurt. They stand in judgment.

I thank everyone who participates in the give-and-take. With a little patience, it makes us all better writers. Go critique. Now. Play nice!

Write Every Day!



  1. My! You are a brave one. But, you're right. When I get a chance I'll sneak back and have a look. I'm always curious what kind of writers other authors are. Have a great weekend from the left-coast!

  2. My own rule of thumb with critiques is that after I've given all the comments consideration, if I feel excited about making a change, then it's a good suggestion. If I don't feel good about it, I don't take the suggestion.

  3. Hi Mac,
    I was bloghopping and came across your blog. You hit the nail when you say that the worst critique is the best critique. The first time one of my stories was torn to pieces and the paper came back bleeding, I almost broke down. Now, I learn from it. I've developed a tougher skin and in turn, made me a better writer. ;)
    It's not personal...I know.
    BTW, I love your dog riding with you on the motorcycle. ;)

    I just became your lucky blogger soixante, ah yes, that is 60 in French.

  4. Hi M&M,
    Yes, that's Mac & Molly ;)
    Thanks for visiting my neck of the woods. I left you a message there.
    BTW Mac, I noticed that like me, you also give advice to your readers. Perhaps one day we could write a post together for both our blogs or even write a "guest post" for each other's blog. What do you think? It's just a thought. You can say "no" and I won't be offended. In the meantime, happy writing!