Thursday, August 12, 2010

What is a Revenir?

From Latin revenīre, present active infinitive of reveniō (“come back, return”).

They live among us, have since man left the savanna. The Hollywood portrayal of their fictional cousin the vampire disgusts the proper Revenir. They are immortal, regenerate from all but the most vicious wounds. Only two characteristics outwardly distinguish them from humans, their luminous, silver-hued eyes, and their melanin-free skin. They are night creatures. Radiation, all EM, is lethal. Since the electronic age, they have been hostage to their underground retreats. They are shape shifters, but don't have to animate to be deadly.

Revenirs are poor reproducers, though they can mate with humans and spawn half-breed endowed. The further removed from pure blood, the more human, weaker they become. Endowed can also turn humans—the weakest of their kind.

They deserve our sympathy. Despite immortality and bloodhound senses, they are incapable of feeling the sensation of a gentle caress, the emotions that make us human. It drives them to extreme pursuits.

Give them space. Never cross them.

Excerpt of Revenir Renee de Rais
Excerpt of Revenir Intern

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