Monday, August 2, 2010

Voice Versus Vision

A writer's voice includes such things as syntax, diction, punctuation, character development, tense, person, flow, and dialogue. A reasonably synonym could be "style." It is the result the reader feels—their experience. I believe. . .

Voice is the writer's bones.

Vision is her soul.

Vision is the process the writer uses to create the voice. Just as there are countless facets that create voice, there is a rainbow of influences that make up our vision. How important is setting, character, pace and story to you? That priority screams within the voice of your work. Do you care more about the prose of your words, the emotion of your characters, or the vividness of your action? Do you see yourself in your character as you write, follow the character's will, or do you compose following a meticulously scribed outline?

These may sound like odd questions. But answering them before you ever touch the keyboard will give you an understanding of why your voice sounds the way it does.

I drafted this days ago, then last Friday Rachelle blogged on voice. If you haven't already read it, pop over and see her thoughts:
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  1. Definitely great things to think about. I think I go more by intuition and emotion than anything else.