Monday, August 23, 2010

Dear Critique Partner

I absolutely agree with every remark you made, especially the one about the continuity of my reading. Yes, yes, and yes. Everything (except most grammar) is a gray area, confused with taste, style and experiences.

Please, please never feel you have to explain to me. It is YOUR novel. I expect you to ignore anything and everything you disagree with, without ANY sense of guilt :O)

I will point out anything that I feel a reader COULD think odd or slow them down…and leave it to you to decide if I’m nutz. My wife thinks I’m very.

My nits, like my blog postings, are writing prompts. Ideas. Not gospel.

Write Every Day!



  1. LOL! LOL!
    Cleverly hilarious, Mac!

  2. After nearly three years of attending critique groups, I’ve come to the following conclusions:

    1. I’m just one reader. What I find askew is often “just me”.
    2. Only one reader does a critique. What he or she finds is often “just him or her”.
    3. I listen to the men, but I pay attention to the women. They’re 80% of my market.
    4. When two or more women pick at an issue, I take note. When nearly all the women agree on an issue, I give it a hard look.
    5. It is possible that this group of 10-12 folks doesn’t know what they’re talking about, but what are those chances?
    6. Once you understand that your work is not your child, you’ll receive criticism better.