Friday, July 23, 2010

Story Telling

I am a fantasy reader and writer. I also do a lot of critiquing. The greatest failure I see in the genre is the abundance of telling and unnecessary world building. Every writer must evaluate how much of the world in their head can be conveyed.

Consider what story telling is in the written media. It is nothing like sitting in front of the campfire talking. There is no flickering fire, acidic smoke, or looming forest canopy. The reader can't hear the crickets, doesn't hear your voice, tone, or get the benefit of expression or body language. Reading has to be crisp. Clarity just isn't a nice thing to have, it is CRITICAL.

Every word that doesn't hit the mark, every unnecessary clause, every tidbit that doesn't sound like comfortable conversation, bogs the reading process. Unclear telling is the fastest way to get an agent to click the white ex in the red box. Measure tightly what your reader does not need, and be sure you don't jump to some action, decision or emotion that the reader doesn't have enough information to take in.

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  1. Glad to see all his "study" may be paying off.

  2. Wow. never thought about it...I can see how easy it is to "mislead" the reader. Good tip. Thanks