Saturday, July 3, 2010

Jim Butcher - WHITE NIGHT

I'm four novels behind in Jim Butcher's Dresden Files series, but I'm thrilled to have gotten to WHITE NIGHT (April 2007). As usual, Jim kept me engaged if not riveted through the majority of the novel's 404 pages. If I were an editor, there certainly weren't any scenes I would have cut. I'm just sad for the one scene that didn't make it—Harry and Elaine connecting in the biblical sense. Oh! My heart is crushed. So WN took a hit in the Sexiness category. If you haven't caught on to Jim Butcher, pick up WHITE NIGHT, or any of the Dresden works.

WN had all the appropriate arcane spells, battles, blood, gore, evil characters, intrigue, backstabbing, suggestive remarks, and sarcasm a Dresden novel requires. Molly the apprentice, alas, got shortchanged. I want more of Molly. And why did "the skull" get shortchanged? Hmmm. Also, where was the gratuitous sex scene? Ah!

Overall I give WHITE NIGHT ★★★★ – (3.8 rounded up) the highest rating I've ever used in a review. But then, I've never reviewed McCaffrey's WHITE DRAGON. That would of course be five stars. Probably the only novel I would rate that high.

So here's my skinnied categorization for WN:

Technical Composition ★★★★
Story ★★★
Characterization ★★★★★
Style ★★★★★
Edginess ★★★
Ahhhh factor ★★
Sexiness ★★

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  1. Sounds really interesting. What genre his books fall under?

  2. I guess I could have mentioned that, huh? Fantasy