Saturday, July 24, 2010

I Stole This..

Rachelle Gardner's post on "you may be a writer if"…worked so well into my two posts on the topic, I just had to steal—I mean document here, my favorites left in comments for Rachelle. (Since Rachelle has almost three-thousand followers, you've probably already read all of these, but. . . .):
  • You’ve planned a murder over coffee.
  • You’ve turned a man into a woman and back again.
  • You get nervous when people ask, "So, what do You do for a living?"
  • You exhaust yourself reading a novel because you analyze the story from every characters' perspective.
  • The more people you meet the more you love your fictional characters.
  • You browse the children's book section at every Library and Bookstore within ten miles...and You don't have kids.
  • You encourage Your husband to play World of Warcraft just so he'll leave You alone to get some writing done.
  • You have dreams of building a bookcase that's actually a hidden door to Your secret writing lair in Your house...and You live in an apartment.
  • You can cackle hysterically about 'killing off Granny' and no one gets alarmed.
  • You are genuinely surprised by the end of a book--and You wrote it
  • someone in the grocery check-out line says something snarky to You and You smile and thank her for a good piece of dialogue.
  • You sit down at the dinner table with Your family and start talking about Your character as if he's a friend of the family You might go visit next week.
  • You’ve ever called chambers of commerce, tourism & information bureaus, news agencies, police departments, or other agencies in places You’ve never been in order to secure accurate information
  • You scan movie credits saying, "That's a cool name!"
  • You find Yourself spending 7 hours on Google Earth trying to find a good place to dump a body into the Thames - and you live in California.
  • You threaten to write people who annoy you into novels and kill them.
  • You really do write people who annoy you into novels
Write Every Day!



  1. Hahaha! Love it! Nos #1 and #5 really made me chuckle, I DO do this; and most of the others too, but I'm not admitting to them. ;)

  2. I'm afraid to admit how many of these I am guilty of! I read through a fair amount of the comments on Rachelle Gardner's blog, but gave up after a while. This is a nice, short list.

    p.s.I was reading your other posts--caught the one on Glenn Beck, and I have to say that, as a libertarian, myself, I don't think he's the real deal. In fact, I never actually thought of him as libertarian. Ah, well, politics, aside, I like your blog.

    Have a great Sunday!

  3. You know I actually scanned this in hopes I had made the cut. I didn't. Does that mean I'm not cut out for comedy?

  4. Oooh so many of these hit a note with me *grin* and the rest are really awesome ideas!! ;p