Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Glenn Beck – The Overton Window

I'm not a Glenn Beck hater. As a Libertarian, I actually agree with many of his tenants. I acquired The Overton Window because I've enjoyed Glenn's humor in the past. With that said, if you haven't spent your hard earned money yet, don't spend it on TOW. If you get your reading from the public library, TOW is still one to pass on. This quarter pound of pulp is listed as a thriller on the cover. If three pages of uninterrupted dialogue at a time is thrilling to you, then this piece will thrill you. If you find 292 pages of telling to be a novel, then this is indeed a novel.

The plot of TOW is insanely thin and oblique. The characters are as flat as the screen you're reading this on. For every paragraph of story, there are ten pages of preachy politics. The ending falls as flat as the characters. The concept of the Overton window itself is banal. Even the Epilogue fails to give the reader closure. And twenty pages of Afterward still doesn't explain what you've read.

A little detail:

Technical Composition ★
Story ★
Characterization --no stars
Style --no stars
Edginess --no stars
Ahhhh factor --no stars
Sexiness --no stars

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  1. Oh well. I guess he should stick with what he does best then.

  2. Nothing kills a book faster than telling, telling, telling. I just finished a book in which it was all tell but at least it wasn't that long of a novel.