Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Gender Characterization

Scene 1: Husband and wife wake on a Sunday morning. The sun peaks through the closed plantation shutters. Husband yawns and snuggles close to his wife. He fails to pick up on his wife's grimace. Go figure a man would miss this. "How'd you sleep?" she asks. "Pretty good," he says. She explains, without him asking, why she didn't sleep well. His response: "See. Sex last night would have relaxed you, and you would have slept so much better."

What she wanted: a little sy/empathy

Scene 2: The previous morning, summer, a park in Tampa (Tampa has two seasons, hot, and Jan 3rd). Friends have been playing pickup hoops for three hours. Friend One steps on someone's foot and goes down with a broken ankle. Friend Two says, "Shake it off man, we're two points down." Friend One answers with a litany of euphemisms.

What Friend Two wanted: a breather, and time to tighten his laces.

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