Monday, July 5, 2010

The Ever Ponderous Tag

Everyone has an opinion on tags. Make them disappear. Allow them to entertain. Break up the redundancy. It's hard to imagine, with the richness of our language, keeping tags to one boring word—said. When we have all of these (listed without trying hard, he said):
  • Accounted for Addressed Admitted Affirmed Alleged Allowed Alluded Announced Annunciated Apologized Argued Articulated Asserted Attested Avouched Avowed
  • Bawled Bespoke Betrayed Bickered Blabbed Blubbered Broadcast
  • Called Called for Chatted Chitchatted Claimed Communicated Compromised Conceded Confabbed Confabulated Confided Contended Conversed Conveyed Corroborated Cried Cried out
  • Debated Declared Defended Demanded Dialogued Differed Disagreed Discoursed Disputed Divulged
  • Ejaculated Entailed Enunciated Equivocated Exacted Exclaimed Explained Exposed Expressed
  • Fessed up Fibbed Fought
  • Gabbed Gave in Gossiped Granted Grumble Grunt
  • Hinted Humored
  • Implied Indicated Insisted
  • Jabbered Justified
  • Laid claim Lectured Let out Let slip Let the cat out of the bag Lied
  • Maintained Mooted Murmured Muttered
  • Palavered Perjured Pointed out Prated Prattled Preached Prelected Presented Prevaricated Proclaimed Pronounced
  • Quarreled Queried Quibbled
  • Required Resisted Revealed Rumored
  • Said Small talked Sobbed Spat Spilled Spilled the beans Spoke out Spoke up Squabbled Stated Substantiated Suggested Swore
  • Tattled Testified Tiffed Tittle-tattled Told Told all
  • Uncovered Unveiled Uttered Validated Vented Verbalized Verified Vindicated Vocalized Voiced Vouched
  • Wailed Warranted Wept Whiffed Whispered Witnessed Wrangled
  • Yakked Yielded
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