Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Emphasizing the Negatives

I failed to believe. I attended a workshop in which the moderator directed us to paint our pieces with accent pens to highlight elements of our work—pink for emotion—blue for dialogue, as an example (see "Building Blocks," June/25). During the exercise, I appreciated how it made facets of a piece jump out at me. Problem is, I hate working off hard copies.

I recently broke down and created an edit macro to highlight words listed in a "directory" file.

I started out with one of my three edit lists. That highlighted too much to start. I built one containing only the forms of to be. With all the was and weres highlighted, amazing how much easier the process of removing passive became.

A macro highlighting overused words (then, as, turned. . .) is next.

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  1. My most recent post has a tool that highlights overused words.Check it out if you want. Great post! :)

  2. Great way to target those sneaky words our lazy brain likes to slip in. I need to attack my MS with this in mind too :-)