Saturday, June 26, 2010

You May Be a Writer If

  • You're obsessive compulsive about the length of your fingernails.
  • You spend more time scanning writer's blogs than speaking to your spouse.
  • Your dog/cat never lets you out of their sight.
  • Interruptions to your routine can set your mood off for twenty minutes.
  • You have an edit macro to highlight every occurrence of was.
  • It's normal to wear your shirts two and even three days in row.
  • You spent more money on your desk chair than any gift to your spouse.
  • You get more Barnes and Noble gift cards than anyone else you know.
  • You sit at your desk through breakfast, and, lunch.
  • Your honeydo list gets proper attention only once a year.
Write Every Day!



  1. Like shirts, does non-showering count?

  2. Ha, def guilty of spending too much time on writing blogs and the macros in Word. Fun post!