Thursday, June 3, 2010

Third Person

Some thoughts when you're trying to decide your voice--Gems from Nancy Kress, Write Great Fiction.
  • Limited: a single character – seen through one person’s eyes
  • Multiple: via multiple characters (multi-viewpoint)
    • Provides inclusion of many additional scenes
    • Provides development of more characters
    • Allows multi-layered viewpoints of same event
  • Close – nearly in the POV character’s head
    • Immediacy
    • Character identification
    • Character’s diction
    • Provides author flexibility to share what’s not in character’s head
  • Distant: more formal, and less personal POV
    • All observations don’t have to be filtered through character
  • Middle-Distance
    • Provides most flexibility; can dip into character’s mind or back away
    • Allows greater context than close
    • Works well with multiple POV
  • Greater flexibility
  • Greater range
  • Can describe POV character from the outside
  • Not limited to narrator’s worldview
  • Can withhold information
  • Write about other characters with more objectivity
  • Can pull away from POV character
  • Con: distance (less immediate – emotion, action)
  • Con: less distinctive language paterns
  • Con: greater awkwardness over memory, flashbacks, opinion
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