Thursday, June 17, 2010

SCARPETTA – Patricia Cornwell

After reading The Front, I was eager to read another Cornwell novel. I picked another 2008 published novel, Scarpetta. I say up front, I'm relatively new to the thriller/crime drama genre, but those I've read from Koontz, Evanovich, Parker, Woods and Grafton, I've loved. I wasn't quite as satisfied with Scarpetta.

 As in The Front, Cornwell had excellent characters, and the relationships between those characters were intriguing and enjoyable. Biggest problem, was the irrelevant exposition in the first dozen chapters that didn't propel the story.

 I was shocked at two elements that took me out of the story: jumping point of view, the number of characters, with the number of scenes written in their point of view.

 Scarpetta also had too much omniscient voice, a plot that took the standard hunt for a serial murderer, and inserted okay twists. But, the Mary Sue genius/skill of every character ruined it for me. I would prefer reading about an average person challenged by an extraordinary situation any day.

 Spoiler Alert ** Skip this paragraph if you plan to read the book **
Please. Get serious. This chick is going to get hit in the head with a .38 round, wake up and save the day; the bullet's just going to lodge under her scalp, and Scarpetta can nudge the bullet out with her fingers. Ruined the book for me.

 I give the first half of Scarpetta ★ – the second half ★★★, until the scene I described above, which brought it back to a ★

 That means an average, overall review of ★★, barely.
  • Technical Composition ★★
  • Story ★
  • Characterization ★★★
  • Style ★★★
  • Edginess ★★ (saved on the back end)
  • Ahhhh factor ★
  • Sexiness ★★
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  1. I've seen Scarpetta a lot lately but I haven't ever picked it up before. Now I'm not so sure if I ever should.