Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Removing the Wasness

I just shared correspondence with a critique partner. He argued there were states of being you could not get the "was" out of. I existed in such a rare state that moment I could spin every example he gave me, so had to share it with you.

When you edit, you have to change your mind set. It requires looking at the situation completely differently, broadening your vision. Examples:

He was my friend.
His friendship meant more to me than I could measure in a cup.
Our friendship endured a crisis or ten.
Our relationship transitioned from hatred to friendship ten years ago when Mary dropped him too.

The staff was made of stone.
I nearly ripped a rotor cuff lifting the staff.
The wood-grain finish didn't hide its granite interior.

He was tempted.
His heart pounded as he considered pulling her into his arms and giving her a big wet one.

He was screaming.
High pitched thunder rushed out his gaping mouth.

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