Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Front – Patricia Cornwell

I just completed my first Patricia Cornwell novel. It won't be my last. THE FRONT is Patricia's 2008 novel following her sexy state cop, Win Garano, created in AT RISK—if I'm reading her web page correctly.

For those who read fast, you might blink and miss the story. I'm glad I read for the texture of the rhetoric and style. I enjoyed it over three sittings, was drawn into the two main characters. The plot was on the light side. THE FRONT is more about character. Patricia's quirky asides, direction and setting break the drudgery of getting through the minute movement of the characters. It would drive a critique group nuts. I'm glad established writers can cut the polished narrative and just tell the story.

I give THE FRONT three stars overall.
  • Technical Composition ★★
  • Story ★★
  • Characterization ★★
  • Style ★★★★
  • Edginess ★★
  • Ahhhh factor ★★
  • Sexiness ★★★
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