Wednesday, June 9, 2010


My studying today brings me to what is possibly the most critical element of writing, which Browne and King, in Self-Editing For Fiction Writers, does a marvelous job describing. I hope you find my notes helpful. Best a copy of their book.

  • Compress...
    • Contractions
    • Run on sentences
  • Do not use as exposition
  • Use simple language
  • Internal Monologue
  • Constant interruptions of dialog is annoying
  • Apply balance to demonstrate...
    • Character’s feelings
    • Importance of their feelings
    • Scene flow
    • How feelings otherwise exposed
  • Narrative distance (intimacy)
  • Drop the “He thought/wondered”
  • Internal Dialogue – italics – no "thinker" attribution
    • A little goes a long way
    • Can be gimmicky | over-used
    • Same POV as internal monologue | so Internal Dialogue not necessary
    • Can be a symptom of weak writing
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  1. Internal dialogue, no not weak writing! Please don't say that!

  2. Blame Browne and King, not me :O(