Monday, May 24, 2010

Twenty-five Rules for Good Writing

I've mentioned I love Nancy Lamb's, THE ART AND CRAFT OF STORY TELLING. Here's another reason to read/study her book, to learn more about these excelent

1. Don’t let truth get in way of a good story
2. Show, don’t tell
3. Never use 2 words if 1 will do
4. Use active voice
5. Use parallel construction
6. Keep related words together
7. Replace adjs and advs with vivid nouns and active verbs
8. Avoid qualifiers and other wimpy words
9. Avoid purple prose
10. Don’t overexplain
11. Eliminate all unnecessary uses of THAT
12. Use short paragraphs when possible
13. Write cenematically (think visually)
14. Vary your sentence structure
15. Use interesting contrasts
16. Juxtapose words/ideas to evoke humor/irony
17. Create interest by mixing ideas
18. Avoid highfalutin’ words
19. Listen to the rhythm of your prose
20. Watch for word repetition
21. Beware of “IT”
22. Write in positive form
23. Use/don’t abuse methaphors and similes
24. Write, rewrite, rewrite
25. There’s an exception to every rule

Write Every Day!


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