Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Scene and Sequel

 The importance of the scene is obvious. It is the building block of your story.

But I must admit I lose the whole concept of sequel. In my humble perspective, the story falls into place without having to manipulate a reaction, explain the effect. If it isn't obvious, you're either trying to hide something from the reader, or you're failing to show the reader the way. It is all about flow. Every scene must naturally lead to the next.

One expert explains:  

  • Represent points of conflict
  • Act to set up a question and interest
  • Move the story forward
  •  Memorable scenes have
    • A goal
    • Conflict – opposition or hurdles
    • Disaster – unexpected set-back
  • Responses to conflict
  • Act to show the characters’ emotional and intellectual response and their choice of the next step
  • Represent
    • Emotion, delemma
    • Quandry – indecision
    • Decision
    • Action

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