Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Beginning

My studies today fit critically in the writing/getting an agent process. If I can't nail the beginning of a novel, chapter, or reader will not keep reading. So here are my notes for today:

Why is the beginning SOOOO important?

• Sets the tone and mood
• Avoid the circular file
• You only have 15 secs to hook the prospective reader
• Identify who the protagonist is
• Sets up the scene


• Cut the flab
• Immediate action
• Early introduction of protagonist

Six things the opening should accomplish:
1. Get the reader hooked
2. Establish a bond between reader and lead character
3. Set the scene
4. Get the conflict going
5. Describe the protagonist
6. Surprise the reader

"Start like you’re jumping on a moving train." – Alan Rinzler

Write Every Day!


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