Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Effective Endings

In my forteen novels, the beginning was tough—don't know if I nailed the hook on any of them—the middle coalesced by following my character. The end. Now that was tough on every single one of them. After seventy or eighty thousand words, I don't want to tell my character "Good night, Gracie." I always feel I have more story in the character. Often, I leave the reader with a hook for the sequel. Dina has turned on me and said, "That's all!" I love to disappoint when the reader wants more.

Here's notes about how one expert feels about endings.


1. Give protagonist a choice between two specific, alternative courses of action (one tough/easy)
2. Force progtagonist to choose
3. In choosing, the character must take an irrevocable action (physical action)


• Climax must satisfy the plot
• Deliver emotion
• Be logical to plot and characters

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